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“Every successful canvas
has been painted from the
point of view of a student,
for a great painter is always
a student.”

— Hans Hofmann

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Thank you again for the amazing workshop this past November. I am still painting with big brushes and lots of paint. I put all the little brushes and palette knives away. Your workshop completely changed the way I approach painting and I am thrilled. Thanks again, Ellen. I hope to get a chance to come in for a painting tune up this spring!


Amantha Tsaros

Lexington, MA



Yes! Ellen's workshop was exponentially beyond my expectations! In fact, it opened up a whole new world that I felt was beyond my abilities! I so appreciated everyone's gentle support along the Saturday's journey. I'm sure to do it again. Thanks Ellen for your wonderful teaching; you provided me with an opening to a world I had only dreamed of.


Ron Gaudette



I have enrolled in three of Ellen’s workshops. When I first became acquainted with her work, I felt drawn to her approach of simplifying the subject matter to its most elemental components, using few colors and large brushes. As a teacher, she is both knowledgeable and encouraging, “coaching” us all to be free and expressive, a goal I have had for the many years I have been painting. It has been particularly helpful for me, as I am moving from depiction of reality toward abstraction, a process she herself experienced. One leaves her sessions with a great sense of liberation and achievement.”


Katrina Hart



“As a painting instructor myself, I only recommend workshops where the instructor gives equal attention to all students, gives a good demonstration and is upbeat and enthusiastic about what she does. Ellen meets all of these criteria. I thoroughly enjoyed studying with her and learned a lot about both technique and attitude. Ellen is a fun, talented artist “on the move.”


Nancy Sargent

Howell News, CA



“I love your workshops and have taken a number of them! Believe it or not, I’m finding the principles in the space between representational and abstract painting you teach have a positive effect in other areas of my life (coaching my clients, my relationship with my husband and just a looser more spontaneous approach to weekend enjoyment! Having taken a number of workshops with painters who don’t have the skill to teach, I highly value your coaching style-it gets to the heart of what a person (experienced or novice) wants to achieve or learn as well as having them practice new ways of painting.”


Naomi Deutscher

Executive and Presentation Coach



“The first time I took Ellen’s painting workshop was completely liberating. By loosening up, I allowed my self to be more expressive and throughly enjoy the process of painting. It also helped when I returned to realism as I felt more free. I will continue to take Ellen’s workshops because I need what she’s teaching. Ellen is a fabulous teacher and has the patience and personality to make her students feel both the confidence to explore as well as the joy in the process.”


Debby Krim




“A trip to Ellen Rolli’s workshop studio in Boston, MA. begins with a delightful fantasy of color represnted in her work which is readily available for viewing. An unexpected trust immediately develops between students and mentor. As an artist, I grew and learned with Ellen’s proficient yet simple pallette. As an educator, I was able to incorporate her gentle, knowledgeable, and skilled vision into my every day art work. The language of art is welcome here! A “don’t miss” experience for beginners to seasoned artists!”


T. Girard




I have taken several of Ellen's workshops and each experience was fun, challenging and always in a relaxed atmosphere. At the end of the day all of her students, from beginners to more advanced, came away with a sense of accomplishment. I particularly enjoyed Ellen's demos at the beginning of each workshop...especially my first class as I was a little nervous! By watching and listening to Ellen, she gave me the courage to enjoy moving paint around the canvas and explore color. For me personally, Ellen's workshops changed the direction of my practice and gave me the confidence to pursue painting as a profession.


Susie Kanaga




Ellen's philosophy, direction and encouragement actually makes you a painter! If you want to enter the world of painting and become a good and confident artist, you must attend Ellen's workshop, again and again!


Vicky Pope

Orlando, FL



As a beginner I wasn’t sure what to expect. Ellen is an excellent teacher. She makes it fun, makes you feel at ease and provides constructive feedback. In addition to her lecture at the beginning of the workshop, it is interesting at the end of class when she has everyone line up their work and we go around the room and discuss. It has also been beneficial to be experience her workshop with both experienced painters and beginners. I would definitely recommend anyone take one of her workshops.


Todd Katzman

Boston, Ma



The workshop was worth the commute from Florida in the depths of winter...I have not only added a new and wondrous looseness to my painting style, I now also own a wool coat!"


Stu Goldman

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla