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“Every successful canvas
has been painted from the
point of view of a student,
for a great painter is always
a student.”

— Hans Hofmann

supply list




materials list

Materials suggestions
for the workshop:



I suggest a simple palette of warm and cool primary colors, for example: Quinacridone Red and Cadmium Red Light Cadmium Yellow Medium and Yellow Ochre Ultramarine Blue and Pthalo Blue and of course a white. Certainly feel free to bring colors of your choice. Golden is top notch but is more costly. Utrecht brand and Liquitex are good quality and reasonably priced, and often on sale. Student grade paints, (each brand has it’s own), are the most cost effective, but do not have as rich a pigment in both color and texture.


brushes/tools to apply paint

BIG brushes are key. Don’t come with small brushes or I’ll hide them! Your largest brush should have a bristle width of at least 11/2”! A stiffer brush is preferable to a soft one. Synthetic blends are fine. Even inexpensive Home Depo brushes can work! Be creative and inventive! Bring some other kinds of tools for applying paints! For example: palette/putty knives, trowels, cardboard, etc.



Canvas boards are fine but gallery wrap canvases are easier to work on, and studio grade are more cost effective. Please bring a variety of sizes and plan on doing a couple or more paintings! These are studies and experiments in letting go!



I use freezer wrap for palette paper,(it is cheaper!) I buy it at Shaw’s supermarkets. Not all grocery stores carry it. I always have some on hand..



I have two studio easels available for use.



A large roll of absorbent paper towel. A small sketch pad and vine charcoal.



Bring a book of one of your favorite artists. It’s fun to share! Also, feel free to bringa bag lunch, drink, etc. I have a small fridge and microwave in the studio. There is also a cafe just outside the 450 Lobby offering sandwiches, salad, coffee, etc.