ellen rolli photo

I am a contemporary painter, interested in interpreting subject and emotion in an abstract and intuitive way. I am interested and excited by the process, by daring paint application, by color, texture and the element of discovery.

My process involves an instinctive use of materials, which allows for more freedom, more risk taking. I favor a variety in mark making and paint application such as thin areas of paint, thick brushstrokes of rich color, building layers or scraping through. As the painting evolves, I react to the dialogue between us.

For many years I considered my work abstracted realism, the subject matter serving only as a starting point, a stimulus for the painting process. My search was not, is not, for the literal truth of subject but an expressive and emotional reaction to it. It is important to allow the painting to take on a life of its own. Recently, my paintings have shifted to an even more abstracted interpretation of reality.

The creative act never ceases to fascinate me, each new canvas a new experience, an adventure. To quote artist Edward Corbett: “To be an adventurer you have to accept a certain mystery about the end of things.” For me, the unknowns of the process make for a journey of self discovery and a more meaningful painting experience.